Whats KINLUMENS Products warranty?

All LED Strips are under 3 years warranty. If for a extended warranty, please contact with us in more details. 

Whats the Lead Time?

The sample order for standard products is 5-7days. For custom PCB layout will take 15-20days.

For mass order, the lead time is around 2 weeks after payment.

Can I have the free sample?

Yes. You are supposed to afford the shipping cost then.

What chip is used in KINLUMENS LED strip?

KINLUMENS always use one bin with 3 Step Macadam chip from San’an brand, chips from Epistar, Samsung, Philips, Osram is optional, always according to customer’s project to choose the LED band. The LEDs should be LM-80 certified. 


Why KINLUMENS Neon Strip is more and more popular in project?

It is IP65 or IP67/ IP68 protection, never yellowish, UV resistant, saltwater resistant and high temperature resistant via opal silicone coating.

a) Uniform luminance and dot free will bring the most excellent performance for indoor & outdoor application.

b) The product has constant voltage and constant current version. Constant current version can connect 28meters in series with one power supply and don’t have voltage drop, and can save the installation cost better. Unique end cap design, can install quickly and easily to meet the different length’s request. No welding and dealing with waterproof

c) Full type with different size can use in different application.

Can the PCB be printed with my logo?

Yes, KINLUMENS can print your logo on the strips and the MOQ is 500m for one type to print the logo, if the quantity is below 500m, we will charge 50 USD per items for PCB redesigning.

a) Silk Printing: we give the graphic file to PCB supplier to Let them print the logo on the PCB, please confirm the photo clips from supplier before you move on with the final production, black, white, red color is the standard ink in PCB supplier that can be used as the logo color, duo-color of logo will be complicated and require more time.

Design for Package?

Usually we used the neutral Anti-static bag and put the white and black label with specification in the middle of the bag. The design on the anti-static bags also could be customized.

How small Mac Adam ellipse can we supply?

The minimum we are doing inside the company was 2.5 steps,in this case the cost will be very high. Standard price in the price list was 3-5 steps, economic type will be over 6 steps.

What is CCT shifting and how to control it?

All of the color temperature will be shift by any cover in front of the LEDs, like IP54 silicone or PU glue on the surface, different glue will have different influence on the whole temperature of LED strips,the shifting curve can be referred by detailed. So if you will use the waterproof strip, please tell us more information of your project then we will recommend to you the suitable waterproof ways to you.

Whats the voltage dropping?

Voltage is always dropping by transmitting of Current decided by the transmitting material and the size of material, copper is the Best options transmit Current up till now. So we recommend to use 24V better than 12V and the max length is 5m per reel for constant voltage strip. When the power over 16w/m, we will use the 3OZ PCB because it goes with good heat dissipation.

Can I solder or cut the LED strips?

Yes, you can solder or cut the cooper ports in PCB and the mini cutting section always depend on how many LED in PCB, like the 120led/m with 24V the mini cutting length is 50mm.

At the same time, KINLUMENS would still not recommend the clients to cut or solder the LED strips by themselves so to keep the products in highest quality.

Can I have the connection Diagrams for each project?

Yes, please send us team the project information together with the different connection requirements. KINLUMENS shall recomend the driver, the controller, and etc accordingly. 

For More questions please contact KINLUMENS by email, we will reply to your email within 6 hours.

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