Pantrack 40W 50W 60W 70W

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Pantrack 40W 50W 60W 70W
Pantrack 40W 50W 60W 70W

The Pantrack series is highly versatile, which combines with various lens optics (30°, 60°, 90°, 110°, double asymmetric and single asymmetric for options) and the 350° rotatable adapter to ensure the fixture stands out. These make it easy to install and to replace or update when re-using existing track for General or Aisle lightings.

The Pantrack series is super thin, light weight and compact, suitable for European standard three-circuit track system, which is convenient for group control management. At the same time, it has multiple smart control options, such as DALI dimming, 1-10V dimming, 2.4G wireless dimming, etc.

Key Features
40-70W, Max 145LPW.
Power Adjustable optional.
Standard 3-circuit adapter.
A variety of light distributions.
Rotatable through 350° on adapter.
White or black housing color or other colors upon request.

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